iPlanet Web Server, Enterprise Edition is the web server of choice for hosting business-critical information and applications on the Internet, an intranet or an extranet. Fast, flexible, and reliable, it is the best way to transform any company into a company.com.
Servlets and Java Server Pages
iPlanet Web Server includes a high-performance, in-process implementation for Java Servlets and Java Server Pages as well as plugable JVM support, remote Java debugging and profiling capabilities. Demos can be found in the plugins directory.
Faster & More Flexible SHTML
Parsed html (SHTML) performance is much improved as a result of a new, streamlined caching mechanism. In addition, content developers can now define their own SHTML tags, making content creation simpler and more efficient. Support for document headers and footers has also been added.
Feature-rich Administration
The administration interface gives you fine-grained control over the server without sacrificing ease-of-use. Control site access, delegate administration, configure multiple servers, and much more at the touch of a button. Enterprise Server also gives you more control over users through tighter integration with LDAP directory servers.
Publishing and Search
Content authors can publish and control documents easily through the Web Publisher, and index those documents by body text or file properties with the search engine

Note: The above links are only accessible if the feature is activated within the administration server.

Documentation and Useful Links
Reference Material contains Web Server documentation, including programming and administration guides. "Tuning Server Performance," a chapter in the Administration Guide,describes several techniques to optimize Web Server for your particular environment.
DevEdge Online contains valuable information for developers about all iPlanet products and technologies. Server Central contains information on all iPlanet server products including Web Server. 
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